"Taximeter" Yandex taxi Application: Basic information

Become a Yandex Taxi driver :

What you will need to work in Yandex taxi

  • Driver's license
  • A car (on white or yellow car-numbers),that meets the requirements of Yandex Taxi
  • ANDROID phone or tablet (version 4.1 and higher)

To create a driver profile, you can choose the option that suits you:

  • contact us by phone +371 20120777
  • come to our office (Kurbada iela 4)
  • fill out the form  on the site DRIVER REGISTRATION 

Beginning of work :

  • Download Taximeter app in Play Store
  • Press the login button and enter your phone number
  • Your phone will receive a confirmation code that you need to enter (new phones read the code automatically)
  • Select the park "ParkCab" and you will find yourself in your profile

How to start taking orders:

  •  First you need to go through the car's photo control and driver's license
  •  After confirming the photo control (it usually takes 15 minutes), you can start taking orders
  •  To get the first order, you need to get on the line
  •  Orders will not be received if the function is enabled - ENERGY SAVING MODE

Application Functions :

  • TRIP - Homepage, you can see the map (where you are),bonus schedule, high fare zone (purple), orders on the way home and on business.
  • DRIVER - This is your profile where you can see your rating and activity
  • EARNINGS - Your earnings for the week. Income includes cash and non-cash. Balance - the only non-cash payment.
  • MENU - The menu has 9 functions that you can use for your convenience.